The pioneering wood pellet boiler

Want to be a pioneer in sustainable heating? Living 'off the grid' is closer than you think. The ÖkoFEN Smart_e has all the functions of a Smart XS with added benefit of a Stirling Engine to produce electricity.

The Ökofen Pellematic SMART_e CHP Wood Pellet Boiler

The hermetically capsulated Stirling engine system generates an alternating current of 230V, 50Hz, which is available for the use in the house or for feeding back into the grid.


It is possible to buy the boiler now and retrofit the Stirling Engine module later. Without the Stiling Engine the Pellematic Smart_e is a conventional pellet heating system. Upgrading the system to a CHP boiler is possible with little effort.


Thermal Power: 9kW
Electrical power: 600W
Dimensions (mm): w1175 max x h1958 max x d1150 (casing)

The technical refinements in detail

  1. Stirling engine (600W) (see main CHP page)
  2. Heating circuit - fully installed (energy class A)
  3. Combustion chamber
  4. Certified burn back protection system
  5. Condensing module
  6. Flue connection (40°C flue gas)
  7. Condensate drain
  8. Integrated ash box
  9. Electronic ignition
  10. Pelletronic Touch screen controller

Features & benefits

Produces heat and electricity

Electricity at home

Rapid response time

Retrofitting possibilities

Easy to control

Everything in one compact unit

Boiler controllers, solar integration and pellet storage/delivery options

Heating System Controller Options

With our Pellematic Touch heating controller you can quickly and conveniently access the heating system and call up all of its data from a computer or smartphone, wherever you are. The mobile App user interface is a copy of the control panel on the boiler making access easy.

Expandable with solar

An ÖkoFEN condensing wood pellet boiler can be integrated with solar collectors and a Pellaqua accumulator tank, allowing you to enjoy the benefits of renewable energy from multiple sources and the same reliable and high quality technology from a trusted name.

Wood pellet storage and delivery

Ökofen's Flexilo fabric tanks provide a clean, simple and quick installation solution. Flexilo tanks are dust-tight, permeable to air and permanently anti-static. They are available in 35 sizes from 450kg to 12 tonne. Wood pellet delivery from storage to boiler can be carried by our vacuum systems. Click here for more information.

Could the Pellematic Smart_e be the state-of-the art boiler you are looking for?

If you’re off the gas grid, or just want a more efficient, reliable combined heat and power solution, look no further than the Pellematic Smart_e.

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