Flexible heating solutions for larger premises

For larger premises, the Pellematic Maxi provides flexible heating solutions, with 36kW up to 64kW models in the range. Available in cascade mode up to 256kW.

Pellematic Maxi - wood pellet heating on a grand scale

The Pellematic Maxi builds on the proven technology of the Pellematic series and brings it to a powerful 64kW boiler, suitable for use in large domestic, commercial, local authority and industrial projects.

Technical Information

Boiler Efficiency - 92-93%
Thermal output range: 36-64kW
Thermal output range in cascade mode combinations:
2 Boilers:72-112kW. 3 Boilers:144-168kW. 4 Boilers:192kW-2564kW
Dimensions (mm): w1297 x h1855 x d990

EPC - efficient performance control 

1. Flame temperature sensor
2. Pressure sensor
3. Suction turbine
4. Day hopper
5. Automatic heat exchanger cleaning
6. Safety valve
7. Air intake
8. Ash box (included)
9. Automatic ash removal system
10. Segmented burner plate
11. Integrated back end protection
12. Easy access for maintenance and cleaning

Features and Options

Low Maintenance

ÖkoFEN work continuously to refine their products with clever new ideas and innovations in heating technology ensuring maintenance costs are kept to a minimum and service life is maximised.

Cascade Systems

Up to four Pellematic Maxi boilers can be run in cascade ensuring the output always matches the load. When combined with duty-sharing the maintenance and wear is kept to a minimum.

Pelletronic Touch Controller

Easy to use touch controller, available with remote access via WiFi and broadband.

Could the Pellematic Maxi be right system for your office or business premises?


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