The intelligent wood pellet air heater

The 30kW Pellematic Air is ideal for the circulation of warm air in warehouses, greenhouses or marquees using its intelligent Pelletronic heating control with four variable speed fans.

The ÖkoFEN Pellematic Air

The ÖkoFEN Pellematic Air will heat up to 800 cubic metres from its 30kW output and is suitable for use in workshops, warehouses, greenhouses as well as ducted systems.

Technical Information

Thermal output range: 25-32kW
Dimensions (mm): w1196 x h1595 x d1310

Features and Options

Automatic operation

Thanks to the automatic operation of ignition and heat exchanger cleaning, regular visits to the boiler room are a thing of the past.

Customer Pedigree

The Pellematic family technology has been tested more than 70,000 times worldwide.

Efficient Combustion Control

Multi-segment burner plate, negative pressure monitoring and combustion chamber sensor ensure low emissions, constantly high efficiency and optimum adaptation of heating output to the building's requirements.

ECC - efficient combustion control

1. Flame temperature sensor
2. Suction turbine
3. Touch screen (Pelletronic)
4. Day hopper
5. Pressure sensor
6. Ash box (optional)
7. Segmented burner plate
8. Electronic ignition
9. High efficiency circulating fans
10. Automatic heat exchanger cleaning

Could the Pellematic Air be the heating solution you've been looking for?


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