The world's most efficient condensing wood pellet boiler has arrived.

At last, a highly efficient and reliable heating solution that’s eco-friendly too! The Pellematic Condens® is the latest innovation from world-renowned experts ÖkoFEN, and is available exclusively in the UK from Organic Energy.

The Ökofen Pellematic Condens Boiler

The unique combustion technology developed by ÖkoFEN enables highly efficient combustion with low emissions, thanks to its three main components: Multi-segment burner plate, combustion chamber sensor and the negative draft monitoring.

Technical  Information

Efficiency - 99.5% (in condensing mode)
Thermal output range: 10-18kW
Dimensions (mm): w732 x h1408 x d724

The technical refinements in detail

1. Easy access for maintenance and cleaning
2. Pellet feed
3. Touch screen (Pelletronic)
4. Day hopper
5. Pressure sensor
6. Safety valve
7. Segmented burner plate
8. Ash box
9. Automatic ash removal system
10. Electronic ignition
11. Ceramic combustion chamber
12. Stainless steel condensing heat exchanger
13. Stainless steel combustion chamber
14. Automatic heat exchanger cleaning
15. Flame temperature sensor

Features and Options

RHI Scheme

The domestic Renewable Heat Incentive is a government incentive to promote the use of renewable heat.

Efficient combustion control

Multi-segment burner plate, negative pressure monitoring and combustion chamber sensor ensure low emissions, constantly high efficiency and optimum adaptation of heating output to the building's requirements.

Condensing technology

The Condens extracts more energy from each kilogram of wood pellets compared to a conventional wood pellet boiler, giving up to 99.5% record efficiency.

Record efficiency

Even higher efficiency. The latest generation of condensing technology makes it possible.


Measuring only 72 x 73 cm, the Condens is one of the smallest wood pellet boilers on the market.


In 1997 ÖkoFEN produced the first fully automatic wood pellet boiler. The beginning of a success story. The Pellematic Condens boiler is based upon a philosophy that has been tried and - tested over years, including impressive reliability and the highest quality of workmanship.


Efficiency, size, the ÖkoFEN pedigree, qualifies for RHI.

More Features and Options

Pelletronic Touch

The Pelletronic Touch can be accessed online from either a smart phone or tablet.

Expandable With Solar

Complement your system with solar thermal panels and a Pellaqua tank.

Wood Pellet Storage and Delivery

Wood pellets are automatically fed to the boiler from a Flexilo tank or wood pellet storage room.

Could the Pellematic Condens be the state-of-the art boiler you are looking for?

If you’re off the gas grid, or just want a more efficient, reliable heating solution that’s good for the environment, look no further than the Pellematic Condens.

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