Biomass Boilers - Heating systems of the future

Many energy industry experts believe that wood pellet boilers, also known as biomass boilers, are the heating systems of the future. In Europe, where this technology has been adopted more quickly, an increasing number of residential, municipal and commercial buildings are being installed with wood pellet boilers.

Organic Energy was the first company in the UK to recognise the potential of a fully automatic wood pellet commercial and domestic ‘biomass’ boiler system. We are proud to supply ÖkoFEN biomass boilers UK wide.

Our wood pellet heating systems are designed and manufactured by ÖkoFEN, one of Europe's leading suppliers of commercial and domestic biomass boilers, who introduced the technology into Europe in 1994. ÖkoFEN are our perfect partner, sharing as they do our vision of providing sustainable heating solutions through the latest hi-tech quality products.

Features and Benefits of ÖkoFEN Biomass Wood Pellet Boilers


Almost everything about Pellematic wood pellet boilers is fully automatic. With ignition, output adjustment and daily cleaning carried out without the need for you to intervene thus maintaining the boiler’s performance at maximum efficiency.

Future proof

Wood is a renewable raw material. Every year the European wood reserves grow by around 770 million m3, of which only two-thirds are currently felled. This makes pellet supply stable and assured for the long term, even in the face of increasing demand.


Pellets are supplied by tanker; blown cleanly and odour-free into the storage room. The fully automated pellet delivery system takes the pellets from storage room to the boiler, where they are automatically ignited and combusted.


Oil and gas reserves are limited and are often located in politically risk-prone countries. In contrast, pellets are manufactured regionally from domestic timber. This creates independence, safeguards jobs on site and generates added value in the country concerned.

Combining wood pellet boiler and solar thermal panels for a complete heating and hot water solution

With Pellesol Solar Thermal panels, solar collectors harness the heat from the sun and transfer it to a buffer tank from where it can be used to heat your home or hot water. But what happens if there is too little sunlight? No problem! You can use pellet heating to supply the extra energy needed by upgrading your buffer tank to the pellet condensing module, the Pellematic Smart, keeping your home comfortably warm whatever the weather.

Combining solar energy with pellets, really does represent the future of heating - convenient, CO2 neutral and cost-effective.

The future belongs to heating with wood pellets.

Easy manual Filling

Cost-effective, simple and quick to use, the manually filled 160kg pellet hopper can be converted to a fully automatic vacuum system at any time.

Expandable with solar

Combine your wood pellet boiler with solar thermal panels for the ultimate green heating and hot water solution.

Pelletronic touch controls

Complete control over your heating and hot water with a simple, user-friendly touch-screen interface. Use in your home or connect to your system through the internet on your smartphone, tablet or PC - wherever you happen to be!

Complete Ökofen heating and hot water systems

Why Organic Energy for Biomass Wood Pellet Heating

Experience and expertise

You may have some idea what you require, so our team are on hand to offer free, expert advice on the best system configuration for your needs. As specialist renewable energy providers, we can assess your needs and recommend the most appropriate system.

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We have a network of independent installers have been through a rigorous training programme at our specialist training centre in mid-Wales.

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