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"Our ÖkoFEN boiler gives us eco-friendly heat at the touch of a button, and their after-sales care is truly exceptional" Reverend Colin Groom

“I would highly recommend an ÖkoFen pellet boiler, it has transformed our lives and it's efficiency means you can just leave it alone.”

GS - Bury St Edmunds

ÖkoFEN Pellematic Wood Pellet Boilers

“Our ÖkoFEN Pellematic boiler has revolutionised the heating of our old, poorly insulated house. It was installed 2 and a half years ago using the existing plumbing and replaced two old oil boilers. Our fuel costs were cut to a third and we no longer feel guilty about heating the house. 

Once installed and tweaked it has not caused us any problems and other than emptying the ash 4 or 5 times a year, plus an inexpensive annual service it has required no other maintenance.

Although it was not installed by the company Organic Energy, I feel that it is worth mentioning this company and praising it for its ongoing support.”

Christopher Luscombe

ÖkoFEN Pellematic Wood Pellet Boilers overview

“Some years ago I was fortunate to buy a 56kW pellet boiler from ÖkoFEN and haven't looked back since. My installation was the second in the Vale of Clwyd and it has been my pleasure to recommend your product to other friends.”

Robert Sells - Vale of Clwyd

ÖkoFEN Pellematic Maxi Wood Pellet Boiler

“We have relied completely on our ÖkoFEN pellet boiler for all our heating and hot water needs for several years and it has been very reliable, incredibly efficient and we estimate that we are saving nearly 50% on a fossil fuel alternative. Moreover, the service and attention received from Organic Energy has been faultless.”

Mark Preston

ÖkoFEN Pellematic Wood Pellet Boilers

“The ÖkoFEN has done a brilliant, clean and green job of heating my home. It’s also been totally reliable – in fact easier to live with than the oil boiler it replaced.Yep – still very happy with my choice of boiler. Of all the inanimate objects in my life, I only love my Land Rover more.”

Andy Williams

ÖkoFEN Pellematic Wood Pellet Boilers

‘’As an award winning eco guesthouse we spent a great many months researching refined boilers that could also integrate with our solar thermal. We checked the rest but ÖkoFEN is best.’’

John Whitehead - Bryn Elltyd

ÖkoFEN Pellematic Wood Pellet Boilers

“We are exceptionally pleased with the performance of our ÖkoFEN boiler it heats our wedding venue with ease. It is clean, efficient, reliable, and also gives us a vital green credential”

Richard Matthews - Caswell House

ÖkoFEN Pellematic Wood Pellet Boilers

“My ÖkoFEN boiler pellet system has been installed at my cottage now for over eight years. Some early teething troubles - the fault of a local firm of heating engineers - were resolved thanks to the dilligent attention of MD Andy Burroughs, who travelled up to Scotland personally to resolve the issues. 
Recently I returned home during severe weather conditions to discover that my heating system had stopped working. Once again Andy was available on his mobile phone out of hours to make a diagnosis, liaise with another local company to replace a pump, and advise replacement of a controller damaged by repeated power surges during a major power cut.

I have not come across another business that is so readily accessible by its customer, he is supportive, and anxious to ensure customer satisfaction. Thank you Organic Energy!”

Alan Carr - Aberdeenshire

ÖkoFEN Pellematic Wood Pellet Boilers

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