The powerful wood pellet boiler for renovation projects and new builds

The Pellematic Biomass Boiler system uses technology that has been tried and tested for a number of years, impressing with total reliability and the highest quality workmanship. For heating and hot water, the Pellematic equals the high performance of a gas boiler, but without the high CO2 emissions, and is already trusted by over 70,000 customers worldwide.


The 'original' ÖkoFEN wood pellet boiler has a power range of 10-32kW. If you reconfigure or extend your premises it can be easily upgraded.

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Pellematic MAXI

The most powerful wood pellet boilers in our range, from 36kW up to 64kW, they can also be cascaded up to 256kW.

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Pellematic Handfill

These space-saving 10-32kW boilers are designed as an entry level option and can be converted to include an automatic feed system with the addition of a FleXILO storage tank and adaptor kit, if required.

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Pellematic Air

The 30kW Pellematic Air is ideal for the circulation of warm air in warehouses, greenhouses or marquees using its intelligent Pelletronic heating control with four variable speed fans.

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Features and benefits of ÖkoFEN Pellematic Biomass Wood Pellet Boilers

Flexible boiler output

The Pellematic boiler can grow with your circumstances. If you extend or reconfigure your home/business, or enhance your insulation, the boiler can be adjusted to your new requirements in just a few simple steps, ensuring the power you achieve is precisely the power you need.

Clean heating

The Pellematic boiler pioneered by ÖkoFEN set the standard for highly efficient combustion from wood pellets. That pioneer status extends to ÖkoFEN’s commitment to environmental protection. Emissions from Pellematic boilers are significantly below legal limits and built-in technology ensures they remain that way.

Safe & reliable

Pellematic wood pellet boilers are built to last and offer the ultimate in reliability and safety. That’s why ÖkoFEN use only the highest quality materials together with the most accurate and advanced boiler control systems.

RHI Scheme

The Domestic Renewable Heat Incentive (RHI) is a government incentive to promote the use of renewable heat. When you join you’ll receive quarterly payments for seven years on the deemed heat demand for your property. Since opening in April 2014, thousands of people have successfully joined the scheme and are now receiving payments. 

Options for ÖkoFEN Wood Pellet Boiler Systems

Heating System Controller Options

With our Pellematic Touch heating controller you can conveniently access your heating system from a computer or smart device.

Vacuum Delivery System

The vacuum system is used when the boiler room is not directly next to the storage room, which can be situated up to 20 metres away in an outbuilding. Read more about wood pellet Storage and Delivery Systems for Pellematic boilers on this page.​

Auger Delivery System

The auger system is the most cost-effective solution for transferring wood pellets to a Pellematic boiler, it is best used when the storage room is next to the boiler. Read more about wood pellet Storage and Delivery Systems for Pellematic boilers on this page.​

Why ÖkoFEN Pellematic Biomass Wood Pellet Boilers?

ÖkoFEN is regarded across the industry as the inventor of the modern wood pellet boiler and the reason that pellet fuel is such a success story. This pioneer status extends to ÖkoFEN’s commitment to environmental protection. Emissions from ÖkoFEN’s wood pellet boilers are way below legal limits and built-in sensor technology ensures they remain that way.


An ÖkoFEN wood pellet boiler can be integrated with the ÖkoFEN Pellesol solar collector and a Pellaqua accumulator tank, allowing you to enjoy the benefits of renewable energy from multiple sources and the same reliable and high quality technology from a trusted name


ÖkoFEN products are built to last and offer the ultimate in reliability. That’s why we use only the highest quality materials and most accurate control systems for our boilers. This ensures you can depend on your ÖkoFEN boiler for many years of reliable operation. 




Manor house transformed by Ökofen Pellematic wood pellet boiler system

Stokesley Manor, situated on the outskirts of Middlesbrough, was first mentioned in the Domesday Book and is today the site of a 17th century Grade II listed property.

Stone built in Georgian style, the Manor was fully renovated in 2009 by the current owner, retired financier Mike Bandeira, and is now home to Mike, his wife and two children.


In common with many older and listed properties, although beautiful to look at from the outside, inside Stokesley Manor was cold and draughty. And, to make matters worse, it was costing a fortune to heat. Mike takes up the story:

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