Keep your biomass wood pellets dry and clean

Flexilo fabric tanks are the ideal way to store your wood pellet fuel. Quick and simple to install, they are dust-tight, permeable to air and anti-static. They are suitable for indoor use even in damp enclosed rooms, and can also be installed outdoors if protected from rain and UV light.

Flexilo fabric tanks - the innovative storage solution

These storage solutions have been specially designed for ÖkoFEN pellet boilers. The tank consists of a polyester fabric interwoven with stainless steel thread.

The high-grade fabric is dust-tight, permeable to air and permanently anti-static. Installed quickly and simply, Flexilo fabric tanks are available in sizes from 450 kg (manual filling) to 12 tonnes with options for connection to auger or vacuum system. Special sizes are available on request.

There are some basic requirements for a pellet storage room. It must be at least 8cm wider than the flexi tank itself and 30cm longer than the tank on the side with the filling unit.

Pellet storage room

ÖkoFEN and Organic Energy have unrivalled know-how and an unsurpassed range of solutions for adapting cellars and other rooms for pellet storage. We can offer advice and help you find the correct storage solution for your projects.

Flexilo with Vacuum System

Pellets are delivered from the Flexilo fabric tank to the boiler using the vacuum system, with a maximum hose length of 20m.

Flexio with Auger System

The auger system is the most cost-effective solution for transferring pellets to the boiler, it is best used when the Flexilo fabric tank is positioned adjacent to the boiler.

Storage Room with Vacuum System

When the boiler room is not directly next to the storage room this configuration is recommended. The vacuum system transports wood pellets up to 20 metres.

Storage Room with Auger System

The classic solution for wood pellet storage. The auger system is the most cost-effective solution for transferring pellets to the boiler, it is best used when the storage room is next to the boiler.

How the Organic Energy team can help you from start to finish

Experience and expertise

You may have some idea what you require, so our team are on hand to offer free, expert advice on the best system configuration for your needs. As specialist renewable energy providers, we can assess your needs and recommend the most appropriate system.

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