The pellet boilers for buildings with a demand up to 32kW

The 'original' ÖkoFEN wood pellet boiler has a power range of 10-32kW. If you reconfigure or extend your premises it can be easily upgraded.

The Pellematic Boiler - where it all began.

Modern heating technology saves energy.

Almost 90% of household energy costs arise from heating and domestic hot water. With the ÖkoFEN Pellematic, your heating is highly efficient and economical. The efficiency of an ÖkoFEN wood pellet boiler ensures you can make savings where it matters most.

Technical Information

Boiler Efficiency - 92-93%
Thermal output range: 10-32kW 
Dimensions (mm) from: w1130 x h1090 x d814

EPC - efficient performance control

1. Flame temperature sensor
2. Pressure sensor
3. Stainless steel combustion chamber
4. Automatic heat exchanger cleaning
5. Fuel auger or vacuum option
6. Safety valve
7. Air intake
8. Ash box (optional extra)
9. Automatic ash removal system
10. Segmented burner plate
11. Integrated back end protection
12. Easy access for maintenance and cleaning

Features and Options

Room Thermostat

Easy to use ÖkoFEN Room Thermostat with remote control.

Ash Box

Collects and compresses boiler ash. Only needs emptying from one or twice per year.

Flexilo Wood Pellet Storage

Innovative wood pellet storage solutions.

Could the Pellematic be the green heating solution you've been looking for?

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