No frills. No nonsense. No fancy advertising. Just an affordable, reliable and highly efficient biomass wood pellet boiler

The Easypell Range

With the EASYPELL wood pellet boiler you can enjoy a comfortable sustainable central heating. The boiler provides heat and hot water as needed for your home.

Technical Information

Thermal output range: 16-20kW; 25-32kW
Dimensions (mm): Easypell 16-20kW - w1210 x h1267 x d752
Dimensions (mm): Easypell 25-32kW - w1227 x h1517 x d796.5

The remarkable technical refinements of Easypell wood pellet boilers in detail

1. Stainless steel combustion chamber
2. Combustion control unit
3. Easy access for maintenance and cleaning
4. Display screen
5. Combustion unit with recirculation
6. Self-cleaning burner plate
7. Manual cleaning system
8. Electronic ignition
9. Safety valve
10. Integrated back-end protectection
11. Flame temperature sensor
12. Pressure sensor
13. Pellet hopper

Features and Benefits

RCB Burner System

Re-Circulating Burner system requires no lambda sensor and is more efficient. 

Programme controls

Easy to use, clear and simple boiler controller linked to a programmable logic controller.

Cleaning systems

The burner plate is self cleaning and the heat exchanger has a manual cleaning system.

ECO System Efficiency

Efficient Control and Optimisation of the combustion process by combustion chamber temperature and pressure sensing.

Solar integration

The Easypell wood pellet boiler can be integrated with the solar collectors and a Pellaqua accumulator tank, for even more energy savings.

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