Generate heat and electricity with CHP (Combined Heat & Power) wood pellet boilers

ÖkoFEN are producing a new a new breed of wood pellet boiler which heats your home and produces electricity for your own use or to feed back into the grid.

Ökofen Pellematic SMART_e CHP Boiler

Be a pioneer in sustainable heating with this amazing piece of enginering from ÖkoFEN. The Pellematic Smart_e is a wood pellet boiler that combines a Stirling Engine to provide heat AND electricity for your home. CHP - Combined Heat and Power.

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The Stirling Engine - at the heart of ÖkoFEN's CHP wood pellet boiler systems


  • The displacement piston pushes helium through the regenerator from the head to the cooler.
  • The spring on the opposite casing side at the bottom pushes the piston back upwards.
  • The helium is alternately heated and cooled, and as a result it expands and contracts again.
  • This causes the creation of a pressure wave, which repeats as the cycle begins again.
  • The working piston is moved up and down by these pressure waves. The magnetic working piston is surrounded by a fixed magnetic coil with copper windings which generates the alternating current.
  • This cycle is repeated 50 times per second, generating AC power at 50Hz. The remaining heat is used for space heating and domestic hot water.

The principle of a CHP Pellet System

The comparison of conventional separate systems for providing heat and electricity with a electricity generating heating makes evident that the primary energy input is reduced with on-site and simultaneous generation of heat and electricity. Electricity generation in large power stations and the transport of electrical energy by overhead cables are no longer necessary.

Features and benefits of Ökofen CHP wood pellet boilers

One system for heat and electricity

Generate electricity at home or for the grid

Can provide electricity when heating is off

Fast reaction time of the Stirling Engine

Optional wood pellet boiler system additions

Heating System Controller Options

With our Pellematic Touch heating controller you can quickly and conveniently access the heating system and call up all of its data from a computer or smartphone, wherever you are. The mobile App user interface is a copy of the control panel on the boiler making access easy.

Expandable with solar

An ÖkoFEN condensing wood pellet boiler can be integrated with solar collectors and a Pellaqua accumulator tank, allowing you to enjoy the benefits of renewable energy from multiple sources and the same reliable and high quality technology from a trusted name.

Wood pellet storage and delivery

Ökofen's Flexilo fabric tanks provide a clean, simple and quick installation solution. Flexilo tanks are dust-tight, permeable to air and permanently anti-static. They are available in 35 sizes from 450kg to 12 tonne. Wood pellet delivery from storage to boiler can be carried by our vacuum systems. Click here for more information.

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