Generating heat and electricity for medium size buildings

The ÖkoFEN Pellematic e-MAX CHP Wood Pellet Boiler


Technical Information

Thermal power: 50-60kW
Electrical power: 4-5kW
Dimensions (mm): w1286 x h1995 x d1230

The Pellematic e-Max Combined Heat and Power (CHP) unit produces hot water for heating while generating electricity using wood pellet fuel. e-Max is ideal for projects such as, residential homes, hotels, hospitals and other premises with a thermal base load exceeding 50kW. Under these conditions the unit produces up to 4.5kW of electricity which may be used on site or exported. 
Electricity is generated by the integral Sterling engine which provides a reliable and efficient source of power.

The Stirling Engine

  1. Linear generator
  2. Flexible bearing
  3. Flexible bearing
  4. Stirling engine cooling


1. The head of the Stirling engine is heated with the flame of the wood pellets. This heat is then transferred to the working fluid of the Stirling engine (helium). This heating leads to a pressure increase.
2. With the heat supply and the cooling of the Stirling engine in the cooling circuit, a temperature and pressure difference is generated. Through this temperature difference, the helium in the Stirling engine expands and contracts again and thereby, the piston is set in motion and moves up and down.
3. This movement is converted by the linear generator directly inside the Stirling engine into electrical energy.

Boiler controllers, solar integration and pellet storage/delivery options

Heating System Controller Options

With our Pellematic Touch heating controller you can quickly and conveniently access the heating system and call up all of its data from a computer or smartphone, wherever you are. The mobile App user interface is a copy of the control panel on the boiler making access easy.

Expandable with solar

An ÖkoFEN condensing wood pellet boiler can be integrated with solar collectors and a Pellaqua accumulator tank, allowing you to enjoy the benefits of renewable energy from multiple sources and the same reliable and high quality technology from a trusted name.

Wood pellet storage and delivery

ÖkoFEN's Flexilo fabric tanks provide a clean, simple and quick installation solution. Flexilo tanks are dust-tight, permeable to air and permanently anti-static. They are available in 35 sizes from 450kg to 12 tonne. Wood pellet delivery from storage to boiler can be carried by our vacuum systems. Click here for more information.

Could the Pellematic e-Max be the state-of-the art boiler you are looking for?

If you’re after for a more efficient, reliable heating solution for your public or commercial building, and that’s good for the environment, look no further than the Pellematic e-Max.

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