Organic Energy Case Studies

Stokesley Manor, near Middlesbrough
Mike Bandeira, owner of Stokesley Manor
Stokesley Manor is a Grade II listed property
Mike Bandeira with the new Ökofen Pelematic boiler

Stokesley Manor, situated on the outskirts of Middlesbrough, was first mentioned in the Domesday Book and is today the site of a 17th century Grade II listed property.

Stone built in Georgian style, the Manor was fully renovated in 2009 by the current owner, retired financier Mike Bandeira, and is now home to Mike, his wife and two children.


In common with many older and listed properties, although beautiful to look at from the outside, inside Stokesley Manor was cold and draughty. And, to make matters worse, it was costing a fortune to heat. Mike takes up the story:

"Prior to the renovation our heating was run by a gas fired boiler which was very inefficient and the source of huge bills. So we were looking for ways to reduce the bills and also be as 'green' as possible. Wood pellet heating was the natural choice. Our local specialist Woodheat came out and did a full survey of the property and recommended the ÖkoFEN boiler as being best for our needs.

The transformation has been fantastic. The house has gone from being draughty and cold to warm and snug 24 hours a day. In terms of the heating costs, including the government RHI payments, we reckon we've cut 60% off our heating bills. Overall it's fantastic. Woodheat and the ÖkoFEN Pellematic wood pellet boiler have made a beautiful house practical as well."

Yorkshire may not be able to boast the same climate as Mike's previous home in Hong Kong, but with the ÖkoFEN Pellematic boiler powering the under-floor heating and creating a constant environment at Stokesley Manor, the family can now look forward to being warm all year round in the UK.

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